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In 2001, Gorbs Corp. President Ron Smith had just come from owning the second largest art supply store and gallery in Suffolk and Nassau County in NY. After 8 successful years, and hundreds of business lessons learned, he launched a freelance endeavor. He had worked in the advertising field for years before his retail store and decided to go back to his roots. At the time, everyday business owners were just starting to realize how important the internet was. Even then, if you weren't on the net, you weren't in business. A student of both design and real life marketing, Ron aimed the head of the arrow directly at web design and development - and fired.

It wasn't for a few years that Gorbs became Gorbs Corp. The need for an experienced ad and print person opened doors for freelance and corporate work. It was at Nor'east Saltwater where the 2 disciplines merged. While working on weekly and quarterly magazines with a small group of coworkers, Nor'east started taking on site design. Ron picked up Coldfusion out of necessity and learned quickly, developing web applications that are still running today in their original incarnation. Web banner design work seemed to cast a shadow over print ads, and still does to this day, forcing Gorbs to devote more time to the internet than to the print world. The increase in web design and development projects started eating into Ron's "real job" and forced him to find some of the most talented people in the business to work with. This brought new life, and a Corp at the end of the Gorbs brand, inciting a new tag line: "Call Us, Get Excited, Stay Excited!"

The past 6 years has seen a steady rise in both forms of media. In that time, Gorbs Corp. has also moved into trade show display design and video and commercial production. 2007-2008 saw multiple music videos and their complementary web sites, along with the normal pace of freelance work. In 2008, Gorbs Corp. co-produced an independently shot independent music video show called IndiMusic TV. Not only did Ron Smith write and co-produce the groundbreaking show that aired on WLNY TV 10/55, but he and Gorbs Corp. handled all graphic and web production and promotion as well. Currently, a short film entitled "Watch" is in production under the new video arm of the company - Scary Clown Productions.

Where does SEO and SEM come in?
Adding Value By Sharing Knowledge

While working with companies like CFN and Anderson Kent Financial Services, Ron was instrumental in the design of many multi-million dollar lead generation sites and the corporate identities that went along with them. This is where SEO and SEM took a foothold. While working with some of the top SEM companies in the country, he learned the ins and outs of the industry from a real life perspective. These companies demanded that SEO be done right and thoroughly - a trait that carries over to Gorbs Corp.

What is the goal of Gorbs Corp. today? well, there are a few. The industry and the economy are changing and so is Gorbs. Web design and development remains high on the priority list. However, as we head even deeper into an era of quality do-it-yourself tools and programs, there seems an even greater need to train people to enter the industry surrounded by quality performance and knowledge. Gorbs needs people who know what they are doing on a level not easily attained by the casual armchair marketer. There are some extremely talented people out there and our clients demand the best. We believe that all clients deserve the best. Gorbs Corp. wants to be at the forefront of finding and training the best.

Today, web design is only a small part of Gorbs Corp. which now has expanded tremendously. With a new office opening in New York City and an entire curriculum being developed around a series of SEO seminars, Gorbs Corp. is poised to be even more successful in the coming years.

Thank you for your interest in Gorbs Corp. and what we have to offer! Please feel free to browse the site and sign up to attend an upcoming seminar!



Since 2000 Gorbs has offered the best service from Coldfusion to artistic corporate identity call us, get excited, stay excited!
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