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Part 1 of Natalie Warner
Check out music, videos and pictures of Lucy Wals, Low-fi, Tha untouchabes and Priscilla Hernandez
IMPORTANT: We Have a Winner!!
Last Saturday we showed you the top 4 (actually 5 with a tie for third) videos. Voting has now ended and we have a winner - but you'll have to wait until December 27th to see who took home the award for the IndiMusic TV Top Artist of the Season!

Even though voting has ended you can still add videos to your top ten. It helps us for the coming season and allows your favorite artist to be featured here on the site...

Dolly Parton: Not Just Country Music
Dolly Parton has been at the fore front of Country music for a very long time. IMTV has the privilege of being...

Lucy Walsh Supports Indie Artists
Once in a while you find that special performer. Talent, looks, class and a desire to be the best they can be...

New VJ Added To The IMTV Family!
IndiMusic TV welcomes Donna Sirianni...
Potentially "Worst Decline In the History of the CD"
The current quarter could deliver the worst declines ever for the pre-recorded CD, thanks to a continued flight to digital formats... MORE

NIN, Eagles, Pumpkins: Who Needs Labels?
Top acts earn more by releasing music straight to fans - A Rolling Stone Magazine article that talks about exactly what IMTV stands for... MORE

IMTV Top Indi Artist Of The Season
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Check out Lucy Walsh and her artist page as an IMTV finalist check out our interview with Lucy Walsh about her video Lullaby The Indimusic TV top artists of season 1: Natalie Warner, Tha Untouchables, Lucy Walsh, Low-fi and Priscilla Hernandez Check out the artist page for Tha Untouchables Check out the artist page for Low-fi Check out our interview with Natalie Warner go to Natalie's myspace page for images, songs and moreCheck out Natalie Warner's Arist Page