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Pachycephalosaurus by Keith Strasser

One of several dinosaurs in a line produced by Keith Strasser of Planet Earth Designs, is the Pachycephalosaurus. recently, we completed a review copy and present it here . The figure comes as a a one-piece cast. and requires a bit of clean-up work. There are some mold lines that must be removes, and our sample had a few mold bubbles that required filling. None of these had any serioue effect on the figure and are easily resolved.

As can be seen from the photo above, Strasser spends a great deal of time detailing the skin of his works. We very lightly sanded the surface prior to painting to remove any

course texture.The figure responded well to preparation. Please note the eyes. These are glass items supplied with the kit and, as always, add an extra something to any figure.

The Pachy is a rather robust animal. and Strasser has rendered it with a strong looking tail and front legs. As was mentioned above, the figure is a one-piece cast and that includes the base. Strasser chose an active pose for the figure; showing it running with head up. Frankly, we have to question the leg position. It seems a bit out of balance. Shouldn't the right leg be more forward? In fairness to Strasser, we have seen this pose from several well-regarded sculptors. So we stand prepared to be corrected if any reader so chooses to do so. Length: 13 inches.


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